River Phoenix


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River Jude Phoenix


~Where River got his name~
River~ The Hermann Hessel novel"Siddhartha"
Jude~ Song by the Beatls "Hey Jude"

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all about River's life and career: the successes and failures, the joys and sorrows.

~More to come~



At a Glance

Name~ River Jude Phoenix
Born~ August 23, 1970 at 12:03 PM in Metolius, OR (as River Jude Bottom)
Died~ Oct. 31, 1993 at 1:51 AM in West Hollywood, CA
Height/Weight : 5' 10" / 149#
Eyes~ Green
Nickname~ Rio, Riv
First Professional Role:
Astrological Sign:Vergo

Virgo, the sixth sign of the zodiac, is a mutable earth sign, and natives of this sign tend to possess both the practical and dependable nature of an earth sign as well as the flexible and resourceful qualities of a mutable sign. Virgos often have very distinct opinions on any number of subjects, but that's not to say that their feelings and beliefs are not adaptable. They tend to base their attitudes on a very definite facts, and if those facts are to change or be proven to them to be incorrect, then they'll often be perfectly happy to alter their opinions.

Virgos tend to be very curious and their minds are always
spinning--sometimes a little too much--and this can often lead to a great deal of nervous tension and stress. Most Virgos could benefit from learning how to flip off the switch in their heads and relax for just a bit.

Virgos usually possess very analytical minds and are constantly picking things apart in their heads in order to better understand and improve on them. Unfortunately, this can often come across to those around them as an overly-critical or nit-picky quality. And Virgos are certainly not immune to using sarcasm to make their point! Virgos are the ultimate pragmatists. If something doesn't seem to have any practical purpose to it or any rational reasoning behind it, they have no use for it!