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Go Plum Crazy For Hanson

The music is what matters most...

This Time Around CD
1. You never know
2. If only*
3. This time around*
4. Runaway run (one of my fav. songs)
5. Save me
6. Dying to be alive
7. Can't stop
8. Wish that I was there
9. Love song
10. Sure about it (fav song)
11. Hand and hand
12. In the city
13. A song to sing (fav fav song)
gezzz these guys shore know how to write!

I made my own little Hanson CD
wana see whats on it? do ya do ya
then look down silly~ hehe

1. bad trakck I don't even know what it is!
2. Interview "Isaac mess up"
3. Taylor interview
4. Smile really good song they played it at their concert
5. ~ Dr. Pepper commercial they are really little in this . one but their so cute
6. Magic carpet ride
7. Go Johnny go (with Johnny Lang)
9. my friend thought she would be funny and put some one making fun of Hanson on the CD well any ways its called James Brown version of mmm-bop
10. Sunshine of your love
11. Poison Ivy
12. ~ I want you to want me ~ (zac sings hehe)
I lisen to this song over and over Zac sonunds soooo good in this song You have got to get this song I'm telling you, you'll love it!!!!!!!!!!

I got all of these song off napster it the best!
ok I lied I gotthe interviews off of some other sit,
but I don't remember where so if i do I post the site.

~Go to napster~

~lets take a listen~

click here to play sound

The new This Time Around CD is the best!

~Don' forget to go to and vote for hanson on TRL!!~


"We're just going to goof off" clip coming soon
I don't know how to load my own stuff on here yet But until then I bet you don't know who said that line.If you do e-mail me and tell me who you think it is.
~ I'll give you a hint ~
Isaac, Taylor or Zac