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Go Plum Crazy For Hanson

~All about me~

My name is ~Katie~
Zodiac sign Pisces
I listen to all kinds of music
Fav mag is 17
Fav actors River Phoenix and Paul Walker
Fav show Dawson's Creek
Fav movie running on empty with River Phoenix
meet the Deedles and Varsity Blues with Paul Walker

~Go to
Bring it on Baby ;*)

cool sites

~A cool cheer page go to it!~


~If you like River Phoenix go to this site~

~Pictures of me and my friends!! hehe~

~me and my 2 best friends at a party when we were in 10th grade~ (L)Crystal(m)Lindsay(R)Me


Me(R) and my friend Rabecca(L) the night of the Homecoming dance (10th grade)!!!~


Me(R),Emma(dog)and Lindsay(L)Homecoming dance night (9th grade)~


Me Football season 9th grade
My fav. pic
my friends were making me laugh
when I was taking the picture.hehe
~9th grade was the best!!!~