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Go Plum Crazy For Hanson


Welcome to my Hanson site! ;*)

What no more MOE?
That's right Hanson has decided to focus more on fans and the music biz. There will be no more MOE mags, but they might put a hard copy of the mag,some time though. O and heres the kicker all MOE membership perks will go to if you want those back stage passes and other stuff they offered to the MOE members you better mmm-bop your butt over and join!

Go to my other hanson web sit tells about the concert that I went to (this time around tour 2000)!

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Guess what I found out how to get the interviewI have on tap onto the sit!!! hehe
chk them out I, even and a mix


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What do the boys play?




Taylor: keyboard Vocals Drums harmonica
Isaac: Guitar Vocals Piano
Zac: Drums Vocals

Hands playing guitar; Actual size=240 pixels wide

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Isaac, Taylor and Zac talk about girlfriends on this clip!
~O no girlfriends listen to see what they say!~

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Don't touch Mix

there soooo cute!! hehe ;@)

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Well sign it already gzzz! hehe


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thanks KT ~

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